Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding - Sham & Fiza

I had another opportunity to cover a wedding. Congratulation to the couple, Sham & Fiza.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Me & Maya Karin

It's a long time affair. A fling. And we're getting closer.

It all started way back in 2001 when we first stared at each other. Unfortunately she was trapped in the TV, hosting a show called 'Wavelength'.

Later, I found out another guy was after her. He sat just next to me. We both trying to outdo each other by hanging up posters of her, seeing who has the biggest. Apparently, we're not alone. Thousands others too when we joined a forum dedicated to her.

Graduation made me moved on. We both went our ways. I tried to become a good architect while she became a bad vampire in 2 local movies.

Then I heard she's getting married and me too happily married. Well, life goes on.

But today, as I went to pick up my wife for lunch at her office, she was there, officiating some sort of an event that got something to do with being environmentally conscious. She's active in helping to preserve the environment. Me too, as I don't litter the polystyrene case I got when 'tapauing' my lunch or the cigarette's butt after having a good puff. I am also trying to reduce my carbon footprint by dreaming of using a superbike (less tyre, less footprint) after having used to have two different cars in the garage for daily use.

Positively, I'd take it as a progressive relationship. Thinking where it started after almost ten years ago when we were electronically apart, at least we're now progressing as I was being only 20m apart from her, being separated by a bunch of die-hard fans (these guys got nothing else better to do) and Karam Singh Walia (this one is harder to get through him).

That's why I said, we're getting closer. LOL!

Anyway, on a serious note, I pity her with her marriage's current status. Hang on there woman!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Could Have Been a Multi-Millionaire!

I've been thinking hard on how to make a fortune. I've heard stories of people working relentlessly to achieve their dream and such. Somehow, I just can't figure it out but after reading an article from our former prime minister in his blog, I realized that I have missed the fortune. So the rest of Malaysians too.

Fuck! Even though I am always broke but I do always have at least RM4 in my pocket! LOL

Here is an excerpt from the blog:

1. Robb Report - the magazine for the rich and famous reported in its February 2010 edition the following under "Front Runners";

"A new MV Agusta that lives high off the hog... Since acquiring MV Agusta for more than US$100 million in 2008, Harley-Davidson has helped revitalise the 65-year-old Italian brand. The new 2010 MV Agusta ( which debuted in November...."

2. People might just remember that Proton sold its share of MV Agusta for one Euro (RM4) to some unknown Italian who subsequently sold a part of the company to Harley-Davidson for the sum stated above (more than 100 million US Dollars equal to at present exchange rate more than RM340 million Ringgit).

3. We may also remember that the remaining part of MV Agusta was sold to BMW for about the same price i.e. more than 340 million Ringgit.

4. So we sold for RM4 something that the buyer, the mysterious Italians sold for more than RM680 million.

5. We may also know that Proton bought a part of MV Agusta for approximtely RM560 milion Ringgit.

6. The previous management of Proton claimed that it had saved millions of Ringgit by selling its share for RM4.

7. I am still trying to figure this out. Maybe those who read this blog might be able to enlighten me.

8. I am designated as adviser to Proton but during the period of the previous management, it was the management who advised me that the sale had been carried out. Obviously the duty of the advisor was to be advised and not to advise.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opening RAW in Adobe Photoshop

The Situation
Recently I encountered a problem with my office's D60. I was assigned to shoot a group photo of every department for our annual office report. A habit, I always try to shoot in RAW mode (for Nikon, a RAW file is known as NEF) as it offers great flexibility later in the post-processing stage.

I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS2 at the office and home. The plug-in it supports to process RAW files is only ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) version 3 and above but until version 4 as the version 4 is only compatible for Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above.

The Problem
The problem was that when I wanted to open the NEF files produced direct from the D60 in CS2. It just can't open. I thought something must have gone wrong with my plug-in. After few re-installations, I thought why don't I try open up another NEF file from my own collection (which is from my own camera - D80) to see whether it works or not and it worked just fine. Then, something surely is not right with these particular NEF files and the only difference I managed to figure out was the make of both cameras.

So, I started googling.

The Research
To my surprise, for CS2 and the ACR it's using does not support the RAW (or NEF) that came out from D60, despite having D40 & D80 in the list. By looking at the list, I assume that the recently released model would probably going to have a problem when opening their RAW file with CS2 or earlier version.

Looking for a solution, I saw common suggestions like upgrading your Photoshop to the newer version or use Nikon's own software - Nikon Capture NX2 which at first I thought is bundled together with the camera's packaging.

It's not.

Analysis and Solution
Upgrading my Photoshop is not a choice while Nikon Capture NX2 is not a bundled software which means it has its own price. Searching for another alternative, I found Adobe DNG Converter. The software converts RAW files under different extensions (example NEF is for Nikon and for Canon, I'm not pretty sure what is its RAW file named after) based on their maker and model into the version of a RAW that Photoshop of any version could universally understand and it is called a DNG file.

So, the problem is solved.

That is after few days of research and download. I hope this might be useful for someone who might encounter similar problems by understanding the concept of what is RAW file and how it works based from its maker, model and the version of post-processing software you are using.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Look

Sorry for any inconvenience caused while browsing this blog as it is currently going through a face lift. Meanwhile enjoy reading by clicking any links available.

Update as 17.00hrs (17/2/2010):
New face lift for digitelwerk is fully completed. Enjoy reading.


I was busy doing the translation for an upcoming new film when suddenly Dhea stepped beside me pointing to my camera on the computer desk. She nodded her head repeatedly, a sign to show that either she agrees to a question asked or to make a statement that it is what she wanted.

Comparing hours of repeating the dialogue from the typically-not-so-original-movie-produced-by-the-father-and-son's-movie-production-empire with the request of my cute daughter, it didn't take a genius to figure out who was the winner.

As I snapped her photos, she grabbed Lira's handphone (yeah, what Dhea was holding in the photo above is actually a handphone - do not mistake it for any Russian made classic camera) and held it with both hands, up close to her eyes and then to my surprise, she snapped back few 'photos' of me and even asked me not to forget to...


Yes, she actually uttered that word. She understands the concept of taking photo, at least of it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


DearDhea Is Having A Doughnut
Hari ini saya ingin berbicara menggunakan bahasa ibunda saya. Saya tidak melihat keterasingan ini sebagai sesuatu yang asing mahupun pelik hanya kerana majoriti penulisan di dalam blog ini adalah di dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Penulisan di dalam bahasa perantaraan antarabangsa itu hanyalah untuk melatih penguasaan saya kerana kini, jika dilihat melalui persekitaran saya adalah agak sukar untuk saya berlatih menguasai bahasa kedua bagi diri saya tersebut.

Penulisan kali ini agak ringkas, hanya menceritakan tentang aktiviti saya bersama keluarga pada hari semalam yang pada pendapat saya tidak mengecewakan. Bermula dengan kejutan ceria di waktu pagi oleh Dhea yang acapkali bangun lebih awal daripada kedua ibu bapanya ketika hari hujung minggu, kami sekeluarga terus bersiap untuk berjalan-jalan. Ya, kami tiada tujuan tertentu melainkan hanya untuk membawa Dhea berjalan-jalan. Tempat yang dituju adalah MidValley, tempat yang selalu cuba dielakkan oleh saya dan Lira kerana reputasinya yang sering membazirkan masa kami untuk mencari petak meletak kereta yang sangat kurang, sekurang tahap keceriaan kami ketika akhirnya kami menemui tempat untuk meletak kereta kami.

Kenapa kami berubah fikiran?

Pertama, terima kasih kepada Dhea, saya dan Lira bangun dari tidur agak awal dari kebiasaan ketika hujung minggu. Kami tiba di MidValley lebih kurang pukul 10.15 dan keadaannya kelihatan lengang yang seterusnya membawa kepada sebab utama kami tidak keberatan untuk ke sana.

Sambutan Tahun Baru Cina.

Kami simpulkan, sebagai bangsa yang memegang kuasa ekonomi negara ini, sudah tentu tempat-tempat di mana berlakunya transaksi duit yang sangat tinggi seperti pusat membeli-belah seperti MidValley akan lengang berikutan mereka pulang ke kampung halaman bagi merayakan perayaan tersebut.

Namun begitu, sangkaan kami ternyata meleset kerana menjelang tengah hari, MidValley dipenuhi dengan pengunjung-pengunjung. Perancangan awal oleh Lira memudahkan kami untuk mengharungi ribuan pengunjung di sana kerana akhirnya Dhea terlena ketika keluar bersama kami, di dalam keselesaan kereta sorongnya yang selama ini sering dipinggirkan.

Kami gigihkan diri meredah tingkat demi tingkat, tanpa tujuan. Kepenatan, kami singgah di aras terakhir dalam perjalanan menuruni aras-aras di MidValley ke aras tempat kereta kami diletakkan. Aras ini memang dipenuhi dengan restoran-restoran dan kafe-kafe seumpamanya. Kami singgah untuk melepaskan kepenatan dan Dhea akhirnya terjaga dari lenanya. Melihat gulungan-gulungan donat yang kebanyakannya bersalutkan coklat, Dhea kelihatan begitu berselera menjamu selera. Peluang ini tidak dilepaskan untuk diabadikan, maka saya seperti lazimnya mengambil beberapa foto dengan kamera setia saya.

Kesimpulannya, pada kami MidValley memang akan sentiasa kami cuba elakkan untuk dilawati pada bila-bila masa tanpa tujuan yang begitu mendesak.

Di akhir penulisan ini baru saya sedari tentang perihal di sebalik penulisan dalam bahasa ibunda saya ini. Saya mempunyai tugas menyediakan sarikata terjemahan untuk sebuah filem tempatan yang bakal ditayangkan tidak lama lagi. Sungguhpun tugas tersebut memerlukan saya menterjemah dari Bahasa Melayu ke Bahasa Inggeris dan situasi tersebut adalah sebaliknya di sini, sekurang-kurangnya ini adalah satu bentuk latihan sebelum melaksanakan tugas tersebut.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Unexpectations

For A Start
I have to admit, it is never easy for me to introduce myself to anybody with one introduction. Most of the times, I'd go to such length of adding 'Ulam Raja' after 'Ismed', assuming they are familiar with Tiga Abdul by the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee, just to get them catch the pronounciation of 'Ismed' and then say,"Owh, aaahhh..." nodding in acknowledgement of the famous character in the film. Let alone 'Chayadie' as I am yet to find an efficient way introduce it.

Anyway, I am not going to market my name today nor explain the history why I am named as such. It's just that lately, this particular name has emerged for few times unexpectedly and somehow left an impact on my life.

I have just attended an interview session for a post in the government. It was the final stage before being offered to that premiere post. I am really hoping of making it through, not just because of the stature of the post, but also for all the efforts poured in to get through to this level. Anyway, recalling how this name surfaced for making it through the two previous selection sessions, it was really unexpected for me to reach this level. It started as a try and I hope for another unexpected result for the ending (of the beginning, I hope).

Talking of which, afterwards, I went to get the latest copy of DCM (Digital Camera Magazine). It's the issue I've been waiting for the past 7 months as it announces the overall winner between the six monthly winners of the 'Photo of The Month' contest from the previous six issues. Though the result is expected as I have not received any call prior to the publishing of this much waited issue, it still disappoints me as I have expected an unexpected result, just like it did when I was announced the winner for the month of August. Anyway, as being pointed out by a friend, being the only Malay candidate has already stripped me off any chances of getting my hand on that Canon 50D as the grand prize.

Just to sum it all for today, as I head home, I received a text message from a good friend of mine who is now working at my former workplace. He told me of the news about the project that I was once on it when I was there has won an international award, setting aside famous names such as Foster etc. At first, I'm not that amused as I am no longer part of the company but somehow thinking of how much contributions I've given to that project, it feels like it (the project) is always part of me and how I wish that my name will appear anywhere in the credit list. Somehow, looking at the ego of those two principles (architect an their egoes), I don't think the always-unexpected 'Ismed Chayadie' will also make any emergence here.

Life is always full of surprises, as long as you don't expect for any returns for what you did.

Here's the link to the mentioned project.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Those Were The Days

"Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today announced that 20 schools — 14 secondary and six primary — had been accorded the status of high performance schools (SBTs).

These schools were chosen from among schools that showed outstanding performance in the field of academia, co-curriculum and niche areas.

The 10 fully residential schools are Sekolah Tun Fatimah (Johor Bahru), Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak (Seremban), Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Sekolah Seri Puteri (Cyberjaya), Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Halim (Jitra). Kolej Tunku Kurshiah (Seremban), Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (Klang), Sekolah Menengah Sains (SMS) Tuanku Syed Putra (Perlis), Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (Putrajaya) and SMS Muzaffar Syah (Melaka)."

-The Malaysian Insider, 25th of January 2010

I was highlighted of this through a post by a former schoolmate in Facebook. I was dumbfounded (surprised / perplexed - mix it all together) after reading the announcement made by the DPM.

Outstanding performance? They've got to be kidding me, as I flipped to the next page still in disbelief.

Why? The last name on the list does really ring a bell (a huge one) in my head. I lived there, almost entirely for 5 years. It's the place I'd love to be associated with, for the darks or for the glitters. This time around, it sparkles with pride. (Oh, and I'm still in disbelief).

Though it taught me with good values, I did pick up valuable lessons (I wouldn't label it as bad but valuable instead) through out the 5 great years I've spent over there. As I narrated the super adventures (if one could see my expression as if I was describing a scene from Indiana Jones) of the hostel on the hill, my wife put a pause just after it reached its climax - pulling back my feet to the ground telling me it is the current generation who deserves the accolades and recognitions, not some guys in their 30s or late 20s who are being nostalgic about their youth period.

Who wouldn't be proud of it? Even Rome wasn't built in a day.

Anyway, yesterday was the first day for the month of February, a Federal Territory day. I went early in the morning to Dataran Merdeka in a hope to snap some photos of colorful celebration being held over there. It was disappointing as there were only bunch of kids in uniforms, contesting for the parade. At least, I can snap something out of my everyday life, I thought. So I spent few good hours watching them, on and off the contest parade. On the contest, they were a group of disciplined kids, parading by orders by their leader but when off the contest, they turned to a bunch of kids who always wanted some fun. And while having fun, they were learning.

It hit me.

I was them, some good 13 to 23 years ago. I would say that I even had quite a fair share of fun back then. Where has it all gone? Lost in the pursuit of money?

Recently, it was also announced that the government is thinking on lowering the age limit for a kid to enter a formal school and one of the reason stated is so that the person will leave the university at a young age to prepare them for the job market. Do we go to school or university to be filled with precious knowledge or to be prepared merely as a working class society? The pursuit of money? Or a life modelled the way you wanted it to be? I still remember my former head student (yes, of that said school) once told me that you don't have to pursuit for the money, as long as you are knowledgeable, it will come to you no matter what.

And again, it brought me back to the fun times of my learning days. Having been a Muzaffarian, I am always proud for the school that has taught me - The Life. And being the few on the list who got suspended from the school that is considered "The Ivy League of School" in the whole nation (I read it in a comment somewhere), somehow I'm putting myself in a league of its own!

To all Muzaffarians, the current and the formers - YEAAHHH!!

**It was quite touching last weekend when I bumped into my former primary schoolmate. He was one of the two good friends I had back then. 18 years and we still remember each other. He's Indian. Mistake me not, I'm not being a racist. I'm just stressing that we truly live the spirit of 1Malaysia back then.

For your information, the other is a Chinese.