Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Online Disease

Without realizing, my social network has turned into a disease, a social disease. A disease where I thought only contained in real world took a short period of time to spread in here.

It is not wrong to update others with one's latest development but there is always a very thin line that separates between pure sharing and pure showing-off.

Disguising behind a title that suggests humility is sickening when all its contents suggest otherwise. Even worst, being thankful to God with attached photos of achievements sent a different message altogether. I still remember a teaching that to do good deeds, it has to be done anonymously to such extent that the other hand would not know of it. Yes, it is to that extent.

My wife has long trying to elude herself from this disease. In a way, by distancing herself from the social network is indeed the very right step for her. The fact that knowing most of her friends have advanced in their career is pretty much depressing for a Master degree holder who is now staying at home, giving the best of motherhood to her two kids.

I am now taking the same step by reducing my online activity. It has appeared to me by getting online, I am actually reducing the quality time I should have spent with those around me.

Recently, I had a conversation with friends about how we were once totally not in reliance with handset as our main tool of communication. We still managed to meet every appointments, at one instance, I managed to organize a trip to Langkawi with my schoolmates even though we were travelling up north all the way from south in different buses at different times. We were there and managed to live through it when communication was considered primitive compared to present standard.

Don't let our priority in life to be shifted due to short excitements of exploring new technologies.

Disconnect to get connected.