Thursday, July 29, 2010

Majlis Tilawah Al-Quran Antarabangsa 2010

Tilawah Al-Quran Antarabangsa 2010
The previous entry was to display the work of the loser - the rejected option. I think it may have confuses visitors to this blog (if there's any!) thinking I'm displaying the actual Tilawah Al-Quran.

These are the actual photos of the event that is currently ongoing for a week starting 27th of July. However, I'm not going to display any close up photo of the main stage as it'll reveal the poor workmanship of the builder.

The main stage was designed by my colleague, Pn. Noraiyu Buang. The main idea is to use the agenda of the Palestinian in Gaza under the oppression of the Israel as the core concept of unifying Muslims all around the world. She is using metaphorically, the bow of a ship to symbolize the flotilla to Gaza that was ambushed by the Israelis and supported by images of Al-Aqsa mosque, Nabawi mosque & a mosque in Malaysia, which is the Putra mosque of Putrajaya. Initially it is best to use our National Mosque for the image but we couldn't find any decent image that best portrays the mosque from the best angle.

The event went smoothly and I was busy going everywhere to capture the event. Me and my colleagues ended up in the same room with one of a renown singer, Nora who later performed a song on stage. Though I've been to several productions before, but seeing one on a scale like this furthermore with the attendance of national top key figures, the King and our prime minister made the event an interesting one for me.

Later on, I got the chance to mingle with the contestants from Middle East during post event cocktail. Language proved to be a barrier but nevertheless it was filled with exchange of friendly gestures between us.

It's the only occasion in my life where I had the chance to get close to His Royal Highness, the King of Malaysia. However, the turn down is, never get too close to the King if your eyes stucked in the viewfinder busy snapping photos of him, or else HRH guards will simply push aside anybody, with disregard of anything.

Next time, when I have the chance to meet the King, I'll put down my camera and stick my hand out for a handshake with him instead.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tilawah Al-Quran Antarabangsa

2010-07-13-rekabentuk pentas tilawah al-quran 2010-09
2010-07-13-rekabentuk pentas tilawah al-quran 2010-07
2010-07-13-rekabentuk pentas tilawah al-quran 2010-04
2010-07-13-rekabentuk pentas tilawah al-quran 2010-03
Probably the last post of my work from JKR. Most likely (99%) I'll be leaving JKR by Aidilfitri and this was one of the works in JKR that required a little imagination from me that I think worth sharing.

It was for the tomorrow's International Qur'an Recital Competition (27th of July) and annually since the past few years, my office is given the responsibility in producing the design of the main stage for the event. There are 4 of us, architects, who were instructed to come out with a design each.

I never thought that I would get involved in this as I used to watch the event occasionally every year whenever I accidentally flipped over to the channel that broadcasts the event live on national television. I never bothered to look at the design, whether out of ignorance or that the design never really caught my attention.

I browsed through previous years' designs for a start. Definitely, they were majestic. I've seen lots of curves, domes, arches, minarets or replicas of it, flowers etc. in those designs that are usually associated with Islamic art or architecture. They have progressed to be the most intricate and as majestic as it could be and if I am to follow suit, my challenge would be to come out with super intricate Islamic ornament with gigantic dome - the biggest in Malaysia perhaps, for at least I can have it registered in the Malaysia Book of Records and earns myself a Datukship maybe?

Key point is, I am not good in producing such works. Or simply lazy. But I want it to be outstanding the least (not necessarily outstandingly beautiful). Hence the design idea.

A simple box that emits light from within through the use of perforated Islamic pattern where the reciter would sit and recites the Holy Qur'an. The surrounding will be in darkness as the light is focused on to the box. A box where Qur'an is recited, and the play of light to symbolize how Qur'an leads us out from darkness. Just as simple as that.

The other elements are merely just supporting elements that enhance the main concept such as the use of bed of flowers to make the box appears to float and a background that tries to interpret the theme set by the organizer.

If there is any interpretation beyond that, I'd call it bullshitting to desperately sell my idea to the selection juries. That's why mine was not selected :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I didn't realize that this blog has been idle for few weeks without any updates. Probably due to some uncertainties and volatilities. With latest development, it seems that this space might face another future uncertainties until I'm capable of sorting things out and put it in order again.

I believe in life everything is earned. I've earned a certain amount of respect during the early years of my career when a certain amount of sacrifices were made that brought me forward in life. However, it stopped and decreased. Career wise too as I've chosen to constantly compare the good life of others with the effort I've done and figured out that I've should have led an easy life. I forgot to hold on to the words that kept me going at that time - to work it all out when I still can.

I too believe in life, when I really want a thing or aim of achieving something, eventually I would achieve it. I wanted to have a family before I reach 30 even though financially I am always unsound enough to even support myself but now I have Lira & Dhea. When I was little, I wanted to become an architect, it is what I am now. When I started working, it was hectic and along the way and in a way, it killed the enthusiasm I had for this profession. Though at times I've professed how I wanted to be other than an architect, it is a big lie if I were to say there is no spark of interest in practicing architecture - the least is for my personal satisfaction.

When I opted for an easy life, it led me to where I am now. Though it's not like an easy life as being lazy, actually what I do really want is to spend more time with my family. As I say, eventually I'll achieve it but at a certain price. I forgot that I need to earn that easy life, therefore I'm paying for it now - with little paychecks compare to what I'm deserving. In a long run, it affects us. Limited resources making both of us have to work and putting Dhea in not the most favorable environment to grow up. I opted a life that's in favor to me, but not the best for everybody especially my family.

I am currently reading a book about the life of the late Datuk Ibrahim Hussein. It fascinates me. There was a time in his life that he thought how life is so unpredictable at every major turning point in his life. According to what I understand, he lived through it and with the unpredictability (or maybe chaotic?) of the life might be, it somehow fell well into its places as if actually the universe has perfectly planned for his life.

My life has been chaotic and unpredictable far from what I've dreamt as a little boy with big ambitions and though I've been disheartened and discouraged to what life can offer me, getting to know the story of the late IB and his journey in life makes me picking up the sword again. Well at least, I'm holding it. Again. World, let it come to me.

Hopefully the universe has a plan revolving around this one tiny human.

-update on 23rd of July, after Friday prayer

Today's Friday prayer sermon delivered a topic on 'Suratan Hidup' or Life's Fate. Indeed everyone's life has been planned by Allah. What hits me is why the topic after what I've written yesterday. Falling into places?

Life is great.