Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Decade Gone

Today is the last day of the year 2009. It is also the last day of the decade. 10 years have passed and being a "time-sequential" type of guy, this is the time zone where I would strongly love to relate to what I have done within the past 10 years.

I welcomed it with a big bang at Suntec City, Singapore. It was a tiring day having to walk for hours scouting along the Orchard Road for the best spot to welcome the new millennium. It was also the day of anticipation for the much hyped Y2K phenomenon.

The first time I experienced a mutual love feeling (I was only on a one-sided love before). 25th of March at 9.30 in the morning, in a light brown car with registration of WBP 5489 and heading towards the Larkin bus terminal, were the details of that one fine morning. It was when I became the luckiest man in the world to be accepted as the love of her life. And now, we're married blessed with one cute little girl.

I would say the year where I truly enjoy my life the most. Young at 22, being loved by a girl and with lots of friends around with lots of fun things to do and lots of things to learn - everything seemed good. Eventhough I was temporarily crippled on my right leg at the early of the year, I still managed to get my feet underwater, snorkelling in the heavenly clear water of Perhentian Island. Also during this year I extended my undergraduate study, though I never had any regrets at all as I was given a chance to experience the "Master of the Housing" studio, a truly nostalgic moment with you guys! (you know who you are).

The first time experiencing working in a real architect firm where I had to undergo 6 months of industrial training with the industry's player as part of the university's syllabus. It wasn't nice, to be frank. Still, it's a memory worth remembering. Included, the "Urban Study" studio with Alor Setar as the case study city. Another cool semester to be in it.

It's the time whether I'm going to make it or failed it. Years of training as an architectural undergraduate, it's about time to prepare myself for the working world outside. I remember a moment with Botuck in the car, when we were heading to a beach for our regular end of semester outing,

"Med, remember this moment when we are not obliged to any companies, no urge under any circumstance on financial matters and that we, now are heading exactly the opposite direction of the morning rush traffic going for an escapade at the beach where as those people on the other side are bounded by the system. Anyway, we're going to that side after this, so let us just treasure this moment."

And I do.

The naive undergraduate took on a job, believing one day he could be a superstar architect. How naive, poor boy.

I left the firm, with valuable knowledge to join a reputable developer. "Probably this is my cup of tea", I thought.

Apparently it's not my cup of tea. I'm a designer, not some corporate slaves trying to climb up the ladder licking my boss' arse. I left the company and returned back to architectural world (after few hiccups though).

Before I left, I've decided to make the big move. This is the year when I tied the knot after only few months of planning. From mono, I am now stereo.

It's time from two becomes three. Welcome Dhea Batrishea. You complete us.

However, on a sad note, we lost our dear mother.

The year of roller coaster. I'm yet to feel the fun side of it.

I would conclude that this decade is for me to grow up. A transition to be a better man. As the decade changes, so does the initial number representing my age as I will enter the age group of 30s.

Seriously, I want to chart for a better future. So long my 20s and I will remember you well and surely I am going to miss you like I miss my teenage years.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Where The King Prays

Where The King Prays
This is a view directly below the dome where the guest of our King (and probably His Highness too) will hold their prayer to Allah the Almighty. Yes, it was shot inside the under-construction new palace and I hope I'm not violating any national code of secrecy and confidentiality.

I do have a lot to say about the behaviour of our royalties lately but it's best to keep it silence. Well, some are born with power and most are born not (like me! LOL).

Having watched Bodyguards and Assassins recently, I was moved by the sacrifices made by the people to protect a person where some of those who died hardly know who he is. But they strongly believe this person holds a key to a brighter future for their nation. True sacrifices - of father and daughter, the prominent father and his son, a lover and such, that we love deary.

Recently, I read a news that UK's crown prince slept with the homeless on the street. It is up (or down, literally) to that level. I'm not sure about ours giving up their sport cars and posh yatch or giving up one of those many happy nightlife for a night on the street with the unfortunate people who beholds them.

I do believe in our current King and hope so for the future too.
Daulat Tuanku!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wedding - Khairul & Han and Yusri & Liza

As mentioned in the previous post about the simultaneous wedding that I shot, now here are few photos from the second day of the wedding that had both couples being celebrated together.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Between The Lines

In Between The Lines
When there are lines, there is always in between the lines. So, in this particular post I'm going

I've told you that once there are lines, there is always in between the lines

to make it short therefore reducing the opportunity for the readers to read in between the lines.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding - Khairul & Han

Again, I was given the opportunity to shoot a memorable wedding despite a last minute and very disappointing setback early this month. It was a two-day occasion and to make it more interesting the reception was held for two couples, simultaneously.

For my previous assignment, I described it as a charming wedding but for this one, it's hell of a party. The wedding was lively through out all the way, thanks to the supporting family members. It's also the first time I came to know a beautiful family.

It's never been a pressure working with the couples and the families involved and a great experience working with the other two photographers.

Credits to Azam & Fly.

*photos will be uploaded progressively

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Saturday

My Saturday
The Saturday dated 12th of December was one of those days that was bright and sunny with a clear blue sky. It was a very nice Saturday to me after a very tiring Friday the day before. It makes me think though that good weather does really cast a good mood to me.

As mentioned, the day before was quite tight for me from the early morning to the next early morning of the said Saturday. I was called upon to attend an assessment that started at 8.00 so I had to wake up as early as 5.30 in the morning. It ended in the evening and I had to rush back home to prepare myself for my office's annual dinner where I had to do a little performance on stage. Later at half past eleven I was already on the pitch, passing the ball to my friends. After the weekly match, we used to hang out at the nearby mamak restaurant. Usually it lasts about an hour but this particular session (and last week too actually), I ended up driving back with a pair of tired eyes at nearly 6 o'clock in the morning. It means I have not slept for the past 24 hours.

However, I do enjoy every little bit of all those itineraries. It weren't part of my everyday routine. Even the assessment wasn't part of my future plan before (as I thought I could be one of those superstar architects LOL) but somehow it gave me a chance to know about it. The dinner was kind of interesting as I had to perform a little sketch on stage. Weeks of training and practicing were paid off with the final fully committed performance by the members. Guys, you've got my most earnest respect.

To sum it off, apart from the usual weekend routine of resting at home, we decided to bring Dhea to FRIM. It is located very close to our home (I was initially planned to write about our home in Selayang and how I gradually become to be in love with it over the past few years because it has everything to offer such as this FRIM).

The place is simply scenic. There is a lot of big trees with its wide canopies casting shadows on the grass below under the bright sunny day and there is actually a waterfall in there with crystal clear water flowing through it. Spending time and actually being over there, it felt like now this is what we call a very nice Saturday.

However, the big bonus is to see my two most beloved person, enjoying every moment of it. Both of them are truly what I would call it -

My Saturday :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

digitelwerk Shoots People

Since this blog is relatively new compared to my flickr account, there is a considerable gap of my previously published images in the latter. As an effort to have both mediums to be in parallel progression and updated, I'm publishing it again here but under certain themes such as this post - 'digitelwerk shoots people'.

The early days, still having trouble of choosing the right settings of the camera. Shot with the original kit lens 18-135mm. This was at Surabaya Gubeng Station, on board Agro Willis to Bandung.
Argo Wilis
My brother in-law. He and my wife were having a discussion at KLMotion, Mutiara Damansara. I was obsessed back then of getting a cinematographic shot and this was the result.
A sample from the KL Bird Park series. I was madly in love with Jena at this time even though she's heavy. It's worth it anyway.
KL Bird Park - Bird Off Frame
A photo of my nephew enjoying fresh air by the window in Kemaman. Note the reflection of the window in his eyes.
Ezz Iha Emady
Of course, Dhea is constantly being photographed by me. Of all, this is my all-time favorite.
Sea Shell Hissing Lullaby
Then, digitelwerk started to shoot weddings.
lervewerk of Syrrusilah & Julie

Perhaps, probably one day I'll be photographing you. That if, under the condition that you are a people. On second thought, no worries. I do shoot animals too.

digitelwerk Goes 1.4 - Wedding at Putrajaya

2009-12-05-bride with bouquet-combined
I had the opportunity to shoot a very charming wedding for this lovely couple on the 5th of December. The settings, the outfit for the couple, the crowd and the overall size of the wedding is just perfect to me, personally. Congratulation to both of you.

The photos here are processed using the cross processing technique. I'm trying to experiment with new ways of processing images lately.

Moreover with the new 1.4, I am just lovin' it!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Ride It With Style
She Loves
My Maid
I had the privillege to shoot a fashion show of a collection from Bruttal at Zouk recently. It was challenging to me, both in term of lighting and the flesh displayed LOL. Looking forward for future collaboration with Bruttal.

*image is under the copyright of Rupajiwa

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bird Of Prey

KL Bird Park - Bird A
(I think the photo is just appropriate with the subject today LOL although it doesn't look dangerous at all!)

I once did an assignment for a rich client at their home. Some parts of the house caught my attention because it displays some intentions of a good design and it invoked me to extend the conversation with the client beyond the perimeter of the assignment. The client shared some information that I don’t really care a lot (because they are rich, they can do whatever they want) but one did really get me thinking. One of the sons is currently studying at AA and if you guys are not from the architectural circle, it is one of or the most prestigious school of architecture in the world – Architectural Association. The client even claimed that the son is currently the best student over there.

I shared the information with a friend who later said exactly what I was thinking. The riches will always become richer. Even my boss said an almost similar situation. He found out (not sure which one is his source, either from print or TV) that in the near future, the riches will come from a background of a well-do family. Little are needed for me to elaborate this scenario.

What am I trying to say? I’m a guy who loves to relate things. I’m the type who always associates events by rounded sequential timing such as “that event happened (the rounded sequential timing is placed here e.g. 1 day/ 2 days/ 1 week/ 2 weeks/ 1 month/ 1 year/ 2 years) ago”. Or I would relate to a certain proportion such as the roof is 3.5 meter high and then I would relate it with a proportion that I know such as an average person is 1.7m tall so I would multiply it until it reaches the nearest to that said quantity (or any average door is 2.1m). Or what about the speed of an aircraft or an F1 car? Then I would relate it with the normal speed I drive when I go to work each morning.

When I was a little boy growing up in Skudai, the biggest house to me was the double storey Semi-D just up north the street in the housing estate I was living in. The nicest bus was the express bus to Singapore. The most happening place is at Komtar in the city center or the richest person I ever know is one towkay who owns 3 cars parked within the compound of his 2.5m high stainless-steel-fenced house (you can try elevate another 40cm upwards from the average door height, where 40cm is slightly longer than the average ruler you normally use on your desk – that in mind if you still remember the average of door height, don’t you?).

Why am I doing this? It helps me placing myself in this rapidly changing world. 200 years ago, there’s no car that would travel 300km/h so everyone at that time is comfortable with the pace of the rest of them. Nowadays, a selected few (or illegal racers who selected themselves) have experienced such speed on land. My point is, that’s why I am always relating things with a benchmark that I’m familiar with so that I wouldn’t be lost walking amongst those disproportionate figure (your fortune, maybe).

Now, almost everything is running out of proportion to me. I’ve worked on building villas worth millions of ringgit. A friend of mine is driving a posh car where I am still struggling maintaining my monthly mortgage. A young fella driving his GTI next to my 8 year old Wira easily sped off after the light turned green when my car still having problem ( after having it replaced twice!) shifting its automatic gear. Or how about being able to send your maid to UK just to accompany your son plays Playstation when he’s down with the heavy pressure of architectural study? From my proportion – who also studied architecture but only managed to afford a cup of instant noodle a day (A DAY!), to me it was ridiculous!

Anyway, I was smoking by the corridor at the 1st floor this morning, where in front of me is the top part of a tree (normal floor to floor height of a building = 3.3m to 3.8m, in case you want to relate the height I was standing) and I saw a beautiful green bird was feeding itself. Being beautiful is one thing but what attracted me was the act of the bird looking all round – left, right, back and even paused a while looking straight at me as if it tried to be cautious of its surrounding. Immediately I was thinking, why didn’t the bird look further upward or downward where if there’s any possible predator for him, it would definitely comes from those directions.
Immediately too, it reminds me, metaphorically, of us as human being that we always tend to forget the position we’re in as we only seek awareness only around us where as there’s always a person up there no matter how up high are you (or down there watching from below) waiting for the perfect opportunity to surprise you (for good or for bad).

Damn, I love how the surrounding teaches you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Save Iskandar Putri?

Johor Bahru At Night
The Door
As the title may suggests, what or who is Iskandar Putri? For those who still don't know, Iskandar Putri is the former name of Johor Bahru. Probably most of you would argue as the name Tanjung Puteri is very much associated with the city of Johor Bahru, so supposedly that would be the former name of this most southern city of the mainland for the Asia continent. Where did I get this information? From a reliable primer source for sure.

Iskandar Putri gets us together on a fine weekend, equipped with the essential gears and knowledge we have learned about our surroundings especially its built environment. We had a briefing the night we arrived for us to have a clear view of what we want to capture. We started early in the morning, tracking the heritage trail guided by our primer source.

As I observed and as a boy growing up in this city, it was a major disappointing to learn that the busy city I used to live in has now slowly reaching its death. I can feel the emptiness of it as I have once lived here and know how it was used to be. All of us had a fairly useful discussion about what has happened and ways to turn it around. In my opinion based on the facts by my source, it all goes down to political interference and interest that goes over the good judgement for the betterment of the city dwellers.

I'm not sure but do these high ranking people who occupy the seats really have a heart for the city and its dwellers or is just about their pocket that matters? This is an unofficial effort (though it was unclear at first but we hope that it will at least weigh a certain magnitude) of us, young architects to capture the heart of Johor Bahru. Though, my images still fail to capture the very essence of the city of Johor Bahru.

Anyway, let us save Iskandar Putri.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stroll In The Park

DearDhea On The Swing Again
Go Green (Less Cloth)
Last Saturday we had a leisurely walk in the KLCC park. The weather was fairly nice but the air was somehow stagnant though. I brought along the in-possession 180mm/f2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar (credit to Qorun) as I was thinking of getting some "sneak shots from distance" while we were there.

FTLB : Magno Radio

The first "From The Light Box" series. Hope there will be future content for this series since I've been working hard in setting up the light box. Thanks to Mohd. Alias Khairuddin for lending me this beautiful radio.

Further information about this radio at